Scientific, Iterative, Test Driven oh my!

Posted on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I know I may be old fashioned, but I wanted to be a Computer Scientist. As a kid the science of computing excited me! Entering college, the Computer Science track seemed natural. I would learn the joys of Data Structures and Algorithms analysis, and the woes that is the Theory of Computation. Your job as a scientist is to disprove theory. Your enemy is theory and the tool you use to vanquish said enemy is, application. So when I write software, I do not abandon the corner stone of our claim to existence, the Scientific Method.


Interoperability with ReactiveUI

Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I was at the local Xamarin user group and the topic of Mvvm came up. One of the members was answering a question and stated that Prism was the only option for MVVM frameworks for Xamarin. After choking down my disgust, I chimed in refuting the statement and listed several MVVM frameworks that work with the Xamarin platform. Among them FreshMvvm, MvvmCross, MvvmLight and topped it off with ReactiveUI.